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“I’m Trying To Believe”

Did I not hear some one say, ‘Ah, sir, I have been trying to believe for years.’ Terrible words! They make the case still worse. Imagine that after I had made a statement, a man should declare that he did … Continue reading

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“I Cannot Believe”

Hearken, O unbeliever, you have said, ‘I cannot believe,’ but it would be more honest if you had said, ‘I will not believe.’ The mischief lies there. Your unbelief is your fault, not your misfortune. It is a disease, but … Continue reading

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More Prepared For Hell

Multitudes are deceived, and deceived at this very point, and on this most momentous matter. God has warned men that “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” ( Jeremiah 17:9), but few will believe that this is … Continue reading

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He Chose Some To Holiness and Eternal Life

In reference to men, predestination is divided into two parts: 1st — as it relates to the elect, and 2nd — as it relates to the non-elect. Having decreed to create a world and to people it with beings who … Continue reading

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No Fear!

There is no fear of God before their eyes.  Romans 3:18 Those who have every reason to fear as to their eternal state before God, have for the most part, no fear at all. They are secure, and free from … Continue reading

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