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We Are Disposed To Reply Against God

We are too much disposed to think of the eternal God as if He were just such a being as we are. Looking too exclusively upon our free agency and accountability, we lose sight of God’s sovereignty and omniscience. Confining … Continue reading

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He Chose Some To Holiness and Eternal Life

In reference to men, predestination is divided into two parts: 1st — as it relates to the elect, and 2nd — as it relates to the non-elect. Having decreed to create a world and to people it with beings who … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Presupposition

The Bible addresses us in plain and intelligible language, While there are many mysteries in it that angels desire in vain to look into and many things difficult to be understood which the perverse frequently wrest to their own destruction, … Continue reading

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Baptism Is Essiential To Obedience

Baptism is essential to obedience, and obedience is essential to salvation. All those who deliberately refuse to be immersed, though they are convinced that God commands it, can have no reason to expect eternal life; and this, not because there … Continue reading

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Predestination is that eternal, most wise, and immutable decree of God, whereby he did, from before all time, determine and ordain to create, dispose of, and direct to some particular end, every person and thing to which he has given, … Continue reading

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