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Acts of Grace Cannot Be Reversed

When God calls a man, He does not repent of it. God does not, as many friends do, love one day, and hate another; or a s princes, who make their subjects favourites, and afterwards throw them into prison. This … Continue reading

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Dead Fish Swim Downstream

To be holiest in evil times, is an indication of the truth of grace. To profess religion when the times favor it, is no great matter. Almost all will court the Gospel Queen when she is hung with jewels. But … Continue reading

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Death And Hell

Death begins a wicked man’s Hell, but it puts an end to a godly man’s Hell. Thomas Watson  (1620 -1686)    

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Settled In The Faith

Such as are not settled in the faith can never suffer for it. Skeptics in religion hardly ever prove martyrs. They that are not settled hang in suspense; when they think of the joys of heaven they will espouse the … Continue reading

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Feathery Christians

A man may go to hell as well for heresy as adultery. To be unsettled in religion, argues want of judgement. If their heads were not giddy, men would not reel so fast from one opinion to another. It argues … Continue reading

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