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Spare No Arrows

Heaven’s gate is not to be stormed by one weapon but by many. Spare no arrows, Christian. Watch and see that none of the arms in thy armoury are rusty. Besiege the throne of God with a hundred hands, and … Continue reading

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Confused Loyalties And Misguided Efforts

We must repudiate our confused loyalties and concerns for the passing world and put aside our misguided efforts to change culture externally. To allow our thoughts, plans, time, money, and energy to be spent trying to make a superficially Christian … Continue reading

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“I’m Trying To Believe”

Did I not hear some one say, ‘Ah, sir, I have been trying to believe for years.’ Terrible words! They make the case still worse. Imagine that after I had made a statement, a man should declare that he did … Continue reading

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Nothing is too small or too insignificant which, at times, may not be an idol. What is an idol? Something my carnal mind loves. How may I know whether my carnal mind loves it? When we think of it, and … Continue reading

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An Everlasting Task For Arminians

An Everlasting Task for Arminians by William Gadsby A Letter to Rev. Edward Smyth Note: The cause of the appearance of this work was a controversy which took place between Mr. Smyth, of St. Luke’s Church, and Mr. Roby, then … Continue reading

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