I am a sinner.

There is no good thing in my flesh and there never will be.

There is no worth, nor works, nor will in me that could ever influence God to love me.

I am a finite creature and I have offended an infinitely holy God.

I deserve eternal damnation in hell.

The incarnate God, Jesus Christ was made to be sin for me in order that I might be made the righteousness of God in Him.

Jesus Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law by being made a curse for me.

Before this world ever was, God the Father set His love upon me and placed me in His beloved Son.

Jesus Christ did not make salvation possible for me at Calvary.  He accomplished it.

By His substitutionary, sacrificial death He satisfied the Father’s righteous wrath against me.

Christ alone redeemed me.  Christ alone justified me.  Christ alone reconciled me.  Christ alone  saved me from my sin.  Christ alone.

It is finished.  Once, forever with finality.

Having heard the gospel of Christ, at the precise moment decreed by God before he spoke the world into creation,  the Holy Spirit of God regenerated me, gave me the gifts of faith and repentance and sealed me unto the day of my final redemption.

I am a sinner saved by grace.

By birth I was a slave to Satan.  Now, by the grace of God alone I am a rebellious, unfaithful slave to Christ.

May He make me submissive to His will and a faithful soldier of the cross.